Museum uses Wikitude tech to augment its façade

Kids learn programming with the help of AR

App helps children learn “logical thinking as programming” through interactive AR experiences in science, mathematics, society, and Japanese subjects

programming interactions with help of AR
programming step-by-step diretions with AR
programming choices and logical answers with AR


  • Help elementary schools teach programming

In 2020, programming became a compulsory subject in Japanese elementary schools. The app developers recognized the difficulties in having enough time to learn both existing subjects and the newly introduced programming curriculum. For that reason, they wanted to create an app that stimulated logical programming thinking in an engaging, easy, and fun way.


  • AR-enhanced programming teaching app

AR app: Ai.R-Cord [ Google PlayApp Store ]

Ai.R-Cord was designed to be used for teaching various subjects across 1st to 6th grade while exposing students to programming. Through Image Tracking augmented reality technology, users can display various augmentations such as robots, drones, dolphins, and dinosaurs, and program them to move. The “programming thinking” part is extracted and made into teaching materials, however, students can also learn programming thinking step-by-step using flowcharts. Watch the video below to see other functionalities of the AR app.

Ai.R-Cord AR Image Tracking Demo


The Koyu Group has been a part of the information industry since the founding of the Koyu Business in 1960. The company has established a system to respond to a wide variety of customer needs. It offers various processing tasks, high-quality software, hardware, supplies and services in a timely manner.​


This AR feature is used to detect, track and digitally augment 2D images – ideal for augmenting customized image targets, magazines, books, user manuals, packaging, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards and much more.

Why Wikitude ?

“We have chosen the Wikitude SDK because it supports not only iOS and Android but also UWP devices, and the performance of detecting image markers were excellent. In addition, the technical support was quick and polite, which enabled our development teams to bring our application to the market quicker.”
Toshio Fukehara | Systems Division Manager | Kyusyu Koyu

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