SparxWorks: an AR platform for advertisers and publishers

Combining years of successful entrepreneurial and corporate expertise, a full-service digital studio SparxWork offers its clients a unique AR platform.


SparxWorks is a creative, dynamic, experienced, and innovative company focused on augmented reality, 3D, and mobile development. With offices in LA and Lima, ​​Sparxworks acts as a full service digital studio. The company masters emerging technologies and implements innovative solutions to help clients to stay ahead of the curve.


  • Create a platform that will allow to publish AR content easily

SparxWork has been aiming to create an AR platform that would make publishing augmented reality content simple. Having advertisers and publishers in mind, the company wanted to bring brands and consumers together using a simple no – code, drag and drop tool. The platform allows to put together AR content and publish it in minutes.


  • AR publishing platform with fully automated workflows

AR app: SparxWorks [ Google PlayApp Store ]

The SparxWorks mobile application demonstrates all the capabilities of their AR cloud-based integrated publishing system. Users can seamlessly switch between image recognition, image tracking, plane recognition, and more, all through a simple minimalist interface.

The results are unique AR experiences that create lasting memories and unique business opportunities.

The platform integrates and supports the top-of-the-line available technologies for AR. All are working together through the proprietary system, allowing clients to save time and focus on innovation, efficiency, utility, and function.



SparxWorks services include an SDK for existing mobile applications, a white-label app for companies that need an AR mobile app, WebAR browser-based, custom apps, and more.


The Cloud Recognition allows to easily expand AR experiences. The Wikitude SDK includes on-device or offline recognition, powering your app with the ability to recognize up to 1,000 images without a network connection. For larger projects, our cloud-based image tracking service offers up to 10,000 images target collection storage.

Why Wikitude?

During the pandemic, we decided to make a change in our software architecture. First decision was to develop additional AR capabilities to support browser-based interactions. Next, we wanted to upgrade our image recognition software.
We started our search and were lucky enough to learn about Wikitude — a hot young company with very solid, proven products. I have been in business long enough to recognize a good partner when I see one — Wikitude is it.
We love the Wikitude team and hope to grow together as AR becomes celebrated as the next technological revolution!

William Newell | CEO | SparxWorks

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