Wikitude Cloud Recognition

Wikitude Cloud Recognition

Fast, scalable and reliable online recognition


Wikitude Cloud Recognition

Cloud Recognition is the online storage solution for large-scale AR projects.

The Wikitude SDK includes on-device or offline recognition, meaning, your app has the ability to recognize up to 1,000 images without a network connection. When projects surpasses that number our cloud-based image Tracking service offers a storage limit of 100GB.

Cloud Recognition Info

  • Cloud based Image Tracking
  • Ideal for apps with over 1.000 image targets
  • Fast, scalable and reliable ONLINE recognition
  • Stable image tracking upon recognition
  • App needs to communicate with recognition server
  • 1,000,000 scan calls per month in each commercial license
  • Dedicated server option available
  • Cloud Recognition Documentation
Wikitude SDK Cloud Icon

Expand your AR experiences with Cloud Recognition

Bring your large collection of images to life while taking full advantage of the powerful features offered by the Wikitude SDK.

The Wikitude SDK handles all the complexity of network load and sending images to the cloud server for you. Once an image has been recognized in the cloud, the Wikitude SDK takes over for local tracking, providing all the same augmented reality features you’ve come to love. Learn more about the Wikitude SDK and get started today!

Cloud Recognition Image Scanning Options

Your app’s user interface for Cloud Recognition can be designed the way YOU want. Out of the box, Wikitude offers two ways to help you get started quickly.

  • Continuous Search

    Continuous Search

    Camera constantly looks for a target image in the live feed

  • Tap to scan

    Tap to scan

    Take a single photo of the target image and send it to the Cloud Recognition

Pick Continuous Search if you prefer to constantly scan for target images. If you would like your users to take a picture of target images instead, the Tap to Scan option is for you.

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Cloud Recognition Image Tracking Use Case

Wine Label Cloud Recognition

An enterprise use case for the Wikitude Cloud Recognition service can be found in the wine industry. Here, a vast number of different packaging and labels require a large database of targets that can be scanned and recognized.

1.000 target images would be a good start, but in industries where there are millions of options, the Wikitude Cloud Recognition service is the ideal solution.

Wine bottle label augmented using Wikitude Image Tracking Cloud Recognition

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