Robot Art Installation Uses Augmented Reality At The Grand Palais

Robot Art Installation Uses Augmented Reality At The Grand Palais

An innovative robot art exhibition being held at the Grand Palais in Paris until mid-July 2018 has added augmented reality features to their visitor guide app to provide relevant content in an immersive and effective way. By scanning an art installation itself, or the exhibition catalog, users get access to detailed information about the artists, their works, the exhibition, and more.

By Wezit

With a few lines of code and some data integration, we were able to offer the identification of an artwork just by viewing it through the camera of the device and to display more details about it.
Mederic Andrieux , Lead Android Developer | Wezit

The exhibition featuring “artists who create machines that create art” is raising awareness towards the reality of artificial creativity. Showcasing 20 artificially intelligent robots created by artists from 13 different nationalities, the computer programs are surprisingly creative and capable of producing new forms and figures. The contemporary exhibition, in every sense of the word, needed an equally modern visitor guide app to accompany it. For that reason, the reputable Grand Palais reached out to Wezit to make it happen. The developers incorporated Wikitude augmented reality technology to allow app users to have access to rich AR content in an interactive manner.

With the intention of helping the visitors before, during, and even after the exhibition exploration, the AR guide app called “Artistes et Robots” allows users to obtain information instantly. By using Wikitude AR technology, visitors are able to scan the artwork itself to trigger the AR experience. Alternatively, the developers also incorporated Image Recognition technology so that app users can scan the exhibition catalog to have access to the extra digital information, even when they are away from the installation itself. This flexibility allows users to share what they experienced with friends and also with social media.

The developers believe that “New technologies bring new & innovative possibilities to the interpretation of heritage. Provided with a smart device, the visitor can walk through a museum, an exhibition or a historical site to explore more than meets the eye”.

Apart from the free AR content and the possibility to learn more about the artists, artworks, and the entire exhibition itself, voyaging room by room, the visitor guide application also offers in-app purchase possibilities of audio-guided courses in French, English or for children. Visitors can download Artistes et Robots, free of charge, at Google Play or the App Store.

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