Augmented Reality for Print AR for printed media brings augmented reality to the publishing world and offers solution for merging the printed word and image with added digital value. Traditional printed products (e.g. newspapers, magazines and text books) get a digital component without forgoing the feel of printed media. The solution is used by notable publishing houses such as ÖBV, Rhein-Zeitung, Verlag für Anzeigenblätter, Nordkurier, and Regional Media Austria.

Launched in 2017, the augmented reality solution developed by ProcSet Media Solution GmbH has been attracting great interest from the publishing industry.

Publishing houses see a great opportunity to add value to print products and learning materials while increasing the number of visitors to their online presence.

With AR becoming more present in daily lives, it offers promising upselling opportunities for advertisements and the ability to enhance editorial articles with additional digital information.

ProcSet Media Solutions, specialized in the development of highly efficient print production systems, found in Wikitude the ideal partner to cover the challenging requirements. Cloud Recognition makes an essential feature to implement an AR newspaper solution. solution support of wide array of themes, allowing to fully customize the app appearance. The back-end consists of a Content Management System and an Editor, the, available as a SaaS solution in the cloud. Motifs in PDF or image format can easily be imported into the composer using Drag & Drop.
To reduce manual effort, external systems can be connected via an API.

There is a wide range of use cases for printed products:

– Printed articles enhanced with videos, picture galleries and links to online content. This provides access to the online media version and allows easy updates.

– Advertisers can offer their target group additional information such as 360° images, videos, and product information.

– Augmented Reality Shopping: High-quality printed material has an unbeatable advertising effect thanks to the appealing presentation of product information. With, a simple scan provides access to an additional digital dimension and a direct link to the online shop.

– Printed Videos: With, printed photos transform into live videos.

– Augmented textbooks: AR layer adds rich media to otherwise static textbook images, allowing students of all ages to deeper connect with the subject through immersive experiences. solution is used by Österreichischer Bundesverlag (ÖBV) – one of Austria’s largest education providers founded as early as 1772. With the newly released öbv QuickMedia App, ÖBV is adding another innovative product to its digital offering. The free app compliments selected textbooks and provides all audios and videos at a glance. Download at App Store and Google Play Store.

Download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Why Wikitude?

Wikitude is the ideal technology partner in the field of augmented reality. The reliable Image Recognition, the powerful SDK and the possibilities of Cloud Recognition are ideal prerequisites for the acceptance of our solution in the publishing industry.

Stefan Rost | Managing Director | ProcSet Media Solutions

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