Augmented Reality Cylinder Tracking

Cylinder Tracking Augmented Reality

AR SDK for Cylinder-based AR Experiences

Attach AR content to cylinder targets

Wikitude Cylinder Tracking

Cylinder Tracking allows AR apps to detect, track and augment cylinder targets. The Multiple Cylinder Tracking functionality enables tracking of more than one cylinder target at a time.

Cylinder Tracking is the ideal AR feature for augmenting cylindrical shaped drink cans, wine bottles, longnecks, aluminium tin cans, cosmetic bottles, and other tubular shaped product containers.

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Cylinder Tracking Info

  • Enables marker-based AR experiences (cylinders)
  • Features: Multiple Cylinder Tracking
  • 100% in-house developed
  • Optimal for indoors and outdoors
  • Support

  • iOS and Android: Unity
  • Cylinder Tracking Documentation

Wikitude SDK

Cylinder Tracking AR Video


Cylinder Tracking Augmented Reality Use Cases

  • Time magazine cover augmented with image recognition

    Beverage bottle recognition and tracking

    More and more beverage companies are using augmented reality technology to tell their stories, share product information, and entertain their consumers. Use Wikitude Cylinder Tracking to add interactive AR experience directly around cylinder shaped containers.

  • cards augmneted with image recognition and tracking technology for helping deaf children learn

    Interactive multiple cylinder target tracking

    Apart from creating unique AR experiences that attach to the curvature of the cylindrical shaped containers, brands can work with Multiple Cylinder Tracking to have the targets interact with one another through digital augmentations, audio, gaming and more.

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