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‘Mirage By City Social’, the world’s first augmented reality cocktail

City Social is a London-based Michelin-starred restaurant and bar that is known for providing great food, drinks, service, and a stunning skyscraper view. With the intention of delighting their customers, City Social paired with Mustard Design to create an innovative AR app that incorporated Wikitude’s AR technology to bring cocktails to life.

By Mustard Design

"We chose Wikitude due to its unique Input Plugins API feature. It allows us to deliver incredible augmented reality experiences for extremely low light situations using their engine".
Graham Allen | Chief Technical Consultant | Mustard Design

To complement their new cocktail menu City Social counted on Mustard Design, a full-service digital agency known for providing cutting-edge responsive designs for apps and the web, to create the Mirage augmented reality cocktail app.

Before visiting the bar or while waiting for an AR drink at the City Social, customers are encouraged to download the purpose-built app. The cocktails are then served on a special coaster that triggers the AR interaction. Users open the app and point to the phone’s viewfinder to enjoy a series of artistic styles digitally layered around the cocktail, brought to life through Wikitude’s augmented reality technology.

The idea behind the AR-enhanced cocktail menu is to depict “art through the ages”. Ranging from Michelangelo to Banksy, each drink represents a different artist or period of time. The interactive art animations can be captured in photos or videos and be shared on social media.

By choosing Wikitude’s Image Recognition, Mustard Design was able to deliver the highest quality AR experiences existing in the market today. So, when in London, make sure to experience this groundbreaking technology presented in a very elegant and enjoyable matter.

Download Mirage By City Social on the App Store or get it on Google Play…and Cheers!

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