Cavanna Support: AR-enhanced remote assistance solution for the packaging solutions leader

Cavanna uses augmented reality (AR) remote assistance app to help customers effectively solve problems in real-time.


Cavanna is a world’s leader in primary and secondary turnkey packaging solutions (flow packing, cartoning and case packing). Based in Northern Italy, the company designs and manufactures complete packaging machines and systems to meet the needs of different sectors.

Cavanna is proud to have 60 years of experience, a global presence of 5 sites, and 12 service centers around the world. With more than 6,000 machines/lines installed at 900 customer sites and more than 100 registered patents, the company uses its resources to offer efficient packaging solutions and support customers in their daily operations.

65% of Cavanna’s packaging lines serve the Bakery & Confectionery world. The remaining 35% goes to savory snacks, Ready2Eat, coffee capsules, and pharmaceutical products.


  • Provide high-quality remote customer assistance using AR

Being proactive guarantees business continuity and allows Cavanna to remain a leader in their sector. In a multinational market with customers located all over the world, Cavanna wanted to:

  • Find solutions that create bonding through clear, clean, barrier-free relationships that bring the customer to a close supplier/user partnership.
  • Recognize that nowadays customers no longer want a simple entity to purchase goods but need a real partner to supports the use and strategic choices.
  • Channel the requests for assistance and be faster in handling and solving the problems of the customers.

Cavanna’s business operates in advanced mechatronics with a constant focus on quality and speed of packaging of individual products, so the remote AR assistance has to live up to customers’ expectations.


  • Interactive AR app that brings customer remote assistance to the next level

AR app: Cavanna Support [ Google PlayApp Store ]

Acty, the cloud software of remote video support in AR developed by Icona, allows to manage any assistance remotely through smartphones or smart glasses and innovative technologies. Acty allows technicians who connect remotely to support the customer, draw on the screen through AR or in Freeze mode, which helps to quickly and effectively solve the malfunctions.

App functionality also allows document share, a secure corporate chat option that can be translated through text or voice in over 60 languages.
Acty provides remote video support for industrial and plant engineering and robotics and automation companies. Thanks to the app’s comprehensive capability, the trips of technicians can be significantly reduced with less time spent to understand the problem.

Icona Srl developed for Cavanna a customized Acty Clone App as a reserved portal for the customers to request assistance, chat with technicians and make video calls in AR to get support. Thanks to Cavanna Support’s customized AR App, it was possible to meet the requests of end customers and drastically reduce downtime with savings in costs and commitments of technical staff.

Being a highly specialized sector, video calls allow verifying working conditions in real-time, effectively evaluating situations, and guiding the end customer until the issue is solved. The AR function allows drawing on the screen and breaking down language, technical and lexical barriers.
This way, an ongoing collaboration between Cavanna and its end customers is based on trust and experience transmission.



Icona provides innovative software platforms that rely on cutting-edge technology, to help companies improve their technical and commercial customer support processes. Icona solutions serve for simplification of work for operators, increased productivity, and easier data analysis management.


Instant Tracking makes it possible for AR applications to overlay interactive digital augmentations on physical surfaces without using a marker. Wikitude offers its own SLAM Instant Tracking technology that can be dynamically connected to ARKit and ARCore (Wikitude SMART). Instant Tracking is the ideal AR feature for product preview, design visualization, gaming, communication, etc.

Why Wikitude?

Icona Srl chose to use Wikitude to develop Acty doing a preliminary analysis of the various possibilities and performance we had to develop a remote video assistance application with integrated augmented reality drawing functions. Wikitude with its Instant Tracking feature allowed us to accomplish this on virtually any device the client had in a simple and precise way.
The integration of Wikitude was very easy thanks to the examples that show the implementation in a simple way in addition to manuals. As the APIs are identical for both the iOS and Android platforms proved to be a plus for fast and consistent implementation in both platforms. We can only be happy with the choice we made to rely on Wikitude.

Francesco Riglietti | Technical Manager for AR development and remote assistance systems | Icona Srl

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