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Brand Icon Comes To Life With Augmented Reality

Francesco Rinaldi is a pasta sauce company that has been on the market for over 45 years. The company wanted to link tradition with innovation by bringing their brand icon, Mrs. Rinaldi, to life. The augmented reality app enables Mrs. Rinaldi to share her stories of what makes her pasta sauce different from other brands.

By AReveryware

“Leveraging the Wikitude SDK has enabled AReveryware to deliver engaging experiences and bring brands like Francesco Rinaldi to life. The precision of the Wikitude SDK was critical in producing a robust AR solution with superb tracking accuracy.”
Jon Astrop | Chief Technology Officer | Twisted Rope Labs

The Francesco Rinaldi brand has three pasta sauce lines: Organic, Traditional, and Alfredo. Each pasta sauce line has a different message to deliver about the Francesco Rinaldi brand, from the ingredients and original recipes to the unique packaging of their jars.

Using the Wikitude SDK, the Twisted Rope developer team was able to seamlessly map out the 20 individual labels from each of the pasta sauce lines to deliver targeted messages. The interactive AR experience enables customers to learn more about the brand’s history and innovation from Mrs. Rinaldi herself, who digitally comes to life when scanned by customers.

The inspiration behind the app was to help Francesco Rinaldi differentiate themselves from other pasta sauce brands. With so many choices, it is difficult for customers to decide which brand to purchase. By creating the Francesco Rinaldi AR app, customers can point their device to the label to learn more about what makes their sauce so special.

To trigger the packaging animation, first users must download the Francesco Rinaldi augmented reality app on Google Play or the App store. After downloading and opening the augmented reality app, users can use their smartphone camera to scan any of the Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce jar labels. Depending on the pasta sauce line, Mrs. Rinaldi will magically come to life and deliver a specific message for that particular product.

Each AR scan has a “Tap for More” button which invites the customer to the Extended Experience. Every click leads users to different landing pages containing more information about the company, packaging design, list of recipes and more.

The AR experience has increased customer loyalty, brand and product differentiation, customer interaction, and brand recognition. Learn more about the Wikitude Image Recognition technology behind this AR project.

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