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Augmenting Business Cards with SnapCard

AR App is bringing the creativity and innovation of augmented reality to branding & marketing materials


  • SnapCard
  • SnapCard started as a single Android app but has now grown into a full platform that enhances engagement between individuals for both social and business purposes. SnapCard has developed into a solution that collects and manages contacts and is transforming into a sales and marketing tool to showcase business and organizational capabilities.


  • Create a configurable platform to showcase products & services
  • Instead of continuously creating customized AR products, SnapCard CEO, Budi Sinaga, envisioned AR as a configurable app that would be more affordable and faster to implement. The final goal was to create an app that would bring the creativity and innovation of AR to branding & marketing materials: business cards, flyers, posters, restaurant menus, banners, etc.


  • AR app that easily allows users to augment business cards
  • AR app: SnapCard [ Google PlayApp Store ]

    The initial stage of the SnapCard AR app is focusing on layering augmented reality on business cards. Since 10 billion business cards are still printed each year, they remain incredibly relevant and vital for both personal and organizational branding. The SnapCard solution enables much more in the professional networking realm, allowing users to add digital portfolios, easily exchange contacts, view digitally augmented 3D products, add direct mobile shopping links, and more.


  • Increased Engagement: 15.000+ users & 6.000+ augmented cards
  • Measurable ROI on marketing
  • SnapCard has increased the engagement of prospects and clients of businesses and individuals by giving users an extra reason to read, explore and keep their branding & marketing materials. Moreover, thanks to SnapCard’s data intelligence capabilities, businesses are able to understand the profile of their customers and potential customers by analyzing when they view and scan said materials, making it possible to measure Return of Investments securely.


  • PT. Bisnis Digital Solusindo

  • Bisnis Digital Solusindo operates the SnapCard mobile application and has been working with Wikitude technology since 2015.


  • Wikitude Image Recognition

  • This AR feature is used to detect, track and digitally augment 2D images – ideal for augmenting customized image targets, magazines, books, user manuals, packaging, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards and much more.

    Why Wikitude ?

    The Wikitude SDK provides flexibility for us to choose between using Native API, JavaScript API or other supported extensions and plugins such as Cordova and Ionic. With supported extensions, our team finds that we are able to build our apps faster and relatively easier.
    Budi Sinaga | Founder | SnapCard

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