AR treasure hunt

AR treasure hunt: augmented adventures

AR Treasure Hunt® is the new interactive treasure hunt that combines classic game card format and augmented reality.


Move around, find hidden cards with hints that lead you to the treasure chest – all through immersive AR experiences! AR treasure hunt combines what children love the most – active play, riddles and game experiences, that bridge hands-on play with technology. Available in various languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German), the game brings fun to all family members.


  • Enhance traditional treasure hunt with augmented reality

AR treasure hunt brings the idea of scavenger hunt to the next level. Combined with augmented reality, it allows children and adults alike to play, explore and learn more about friendly technology.
Thanks to the dynamic scenarios, AR Treasure Hunt Pirates, Western and Space Galaxy bring lots of excitement to the classic scavenger hunt format.


  • AR Treasure hunt

AR app: AR Treasure hunt [ Google Play]  [ Apple Store]

Using smartphones or tablets, the players actively move around, solve puzzles, and use their best team skills to discover the treasure before the time runs out. By playing the game, kids move around and use not only motor but also cognitive skills to decipher messages and accomplish missions. Printed markers are compact, environmentally friendly, and easy to use anywhere – from home parties to kid clubs.

Extra benefits:

  • Game experience available in 5 languages
  • Great for family events and children parties
  • Affordable and intuitive


  • XD PRODUCTIONS is a TV and film studio located in Bry sur Marne, France. For 20 years, the company specializes in the production and research of 3D animation, putting imagination and innovation on the screen.


  • Wikitude Image Recognition
  • This AR feature is used to detect, track and digitally augment 2D images – ideal for augmenting customized image targets, magazines, books, user manuals, packaging, catalogs, coasters, gaming cards, and more.

Why Wikitude ?

Wikitude helped us with great AR scanning technology. We mostly work with their Unity plugin. Their marker’s recognition is instant and stable which enables us to create a truly immersive experience for players. The tech support is great, the team is easily reachable and respond rapidly. Additionally, Wikitude’s price structure is clear and adapted to different use case scenarios.

Julien Peyrache | Project Manager | XD Productions

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