AR treasure hunt game at food festival

AR treasure hunt game at the food festival in England

Festival-goers collected augmented coins throughout the event to win prizes


  • Woking Food and Drink Festival 2019

The Woking Food and Drink Festival is organised by Woking Borough Council as part of its annual Celebrate Woking programme of events. The event showcases high-quality artisan food and drink producers, retailers, restaurants, specialist professionals and talented chefs from around the Borough, Surrey and the wider surrounds. The festival provides educational, immersive and cultural opportunities for thousands of visitors, from food enthusiasts to general visitors alike.


  • Create a fun and interactive way for visitors to engage with the festival
  • Attract people to the less visited areas of the event

Festival organisers found that certain parts of the event were visited with a lot less frequency than the main areas. A solution, with an element of fun, was needed to encourage festival-goers to visit ALL corners of the festival. Additionally, with the vast number of stalls at the festival, it was important to facilitate navigation, and allow users to filter searches to their preferences.


  • AR Treasure Hunt

The app allowed visitors to take part in an AR treasure hunt around the festival, injecting a bit of fun whilst encouraging people to visit
all corners of the festival. Users were invited to follow the bread-crumbed trail, by pointing the phone around them. Once the treasure site was hit, an augmented reality coin would spin onto the screen and users could tap it to collect. To receive the final prize, users had to fill their treasure chest with nine coins spread throughout the festival.

The AR treasure hunt took participants far and wide across the festival site, increasing exposure to more stalls and promoting local attractions of the town.
  • Interactive AR Map

With the app, navigating around the festival had never been easier. Visitors could use their phone to scan their surroundings and view augmented reality markers indicating stalls and event stages, helping users to pinpoint their whereabouts for easy navigation.

Additionally, for the first time at the festival, people could select specific food types they were interested in enabling them to visit stalls they may have previously missed, with the interactive maps helping them find their way.

Users could click on the individual stalls to find out what food/drink they were serving, and on the events stages to find real-time schedules of the activities taking place throughout each day.

AR app: Woking Food and Drink Festival 2019: [Google PlayApp Store]


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Why Wikitude ?

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