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Teaching smartphones how to read: Anyline OCR for the Wikitude SDK

Augmented Reality is not only changing the way our devices “see” the world, but also teaching them how to read, just like us. Powering the Wikitude SDK, Anyline’s Optical character recognition (OCR) API allows apps to read text, gift cards codes, bank slips, numbers, energy meters and much more!

by Anyline

Wikitude's great object identification and recognition algorithms allowed us to to provide more value to our customers.
Matthias Gasser | Anyline Product Manager

How it works

Text recognition has been a highly requested feature from developers (and marketers) in the AR community. Wouldn’t it be handy that our apps are not only able to recognize images, but also to learn how to read text, numbers and long codes? Thanks to our partners at Anyline, this feature is now possible!
Using Wikitude’s plugins API, Anyline has developed a cutting edge tool that, together with the Wikitude SDK, allows developers to combine text recognition / OCR, barcode or QR code technologies with AR content. By defining few parameters like text font, character set, color, and size, mobile apps and smart glasses are able to scan, recognize and augment 3D models, buttons, videos and other interactive content on books, gift cards, vinyl records, scrabble games and more.
Industries such as energy, logistics, banking and many others are now able to optimize processes, accelerate productivity and enhance experience when needing to quickly digitize information.
For example, in the energy sector, Anyline’s SDK enables the identification of electricity meters and guides the worker to towards it, providing with the necessary AR information to complete meter reading tasks quickly and effectively.

Anyline’s text recognition tool has been used by companies like Red Bull Mobile, The World Food Programme,  Swisscom, Metro and many others. You can try Anyline’s OCR SDK for iOS and Android now. For more information on Anyline’s plugin for the Wikitude SDK visit our plugins API page or


  • Text recognition for mobile apps
  • Suitable for consumer and industrial
  • Free trial available for Android and iOS

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Wikitude Plugins API feature
  • OCR

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