Wikitude SDK Plugins API

Wikitude SDK Plugins API

Extend the Wikitude SDK by 3rd party functionality!

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Wikitude SDK Plugins API

The new Plugins API allows you to extend the Wikitude SDK by 3rd party functionality. Plugins for the Wikitude SDK have access to the camera frames and information about recognized images (pose, distance) and objects. This is ideal for additional functionality also requiring camera images to run in parallel. Plugins are written in C++, Java or ObjC and can communicate both with the JavaScript API and the Native API.

The power of the Plugins API

The Wikitude SDK Plugins API is the way to use augmented reality from Wikitude in combination with other image based libraries.

Benefit from first class computer vision and AR technology plus the flexibility to extend your project your way. Shared camera access means that developers can work with the same camera image as Wikitude’s computer vision engine and run their own algorithms for their specific use-case.


Wikitude’s AR combined with OCR

To illustrate the power of the Wikitude SDK Plugins API, the below video shows how Wikitude’s technology can identify the electricity meter on the wall and guide the worker to towards it.

While staying in the same camera view, ANYLINE’s mobile OCR technology takes over to execute the actual number reading from the unit. Instead of switching between two separate camera views for the AR from Wikitude and OCR from ANYLINE, it is now possible to run the two technologies in parallel ensuring the best possible experience for the end user.

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