Wikitude 3D Encoder

A desktop tool that optimizes 3D content for Wikitude AR SDK

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3D content within Wikitude can only be loaded from Wikitude 3D Format files (.wt3). This is a 3D content format optimized for fast loading and handling on a mobile device. And this is where the Wikitude 3D Encoder desktop application comes in handy!

The 3D Encoder empowers users to encode their 3D source file. The tool works with FBX (.fbx) files and is supported on both Mac and Windows. You still can use 3D models from your favorite 3D modeling tools (Autodesk® Maya® or Blender) but you’ll need to convert them into the wt3 file format. However, we recommend using FBX wherever possible as tools support for FBX is widely available.

3D Encoder Facts

  • Enbles fast loading and handling of 3D content
  • Optimization and conversion from FBX files
  • Static model (composed of triangles)
  • Materials (Phong, Lambert, Blinn)
  • 3D Animations (Skeleton, Rigging)

Download the 3D Encoder for Windows or Mac in the Tools download section

Download the 3D Encoder