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The Wikitude Enterprise is a tailored made package built to fulfill the demands of personalized AR solutions. It is also required to support smart glasses, enterprise apps, and projects with more than 1 million installs.

Enterprise customers have access to all components of Wikitude’s offering, including the Wikitude SDK, Cloud and Studio.

Base Features

Wikitude SDK Professional Edition

  • Object Tracking, Scene Tracking, Instant Tracking, (Multiple) Image Tracking, and Geo-AR
  • Unity, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Flutter, Javascript, Native
  • Android, iOS, Windows


Wikitude SDK Expert Edition

  • Single and Multiple Image, Object, and Cylinder Tracking, and Multiple Trackers
  • URP support
  • 3D Model Object Tracking (beta)
  • Unity
  • Android, iOS

  • Wikitude Cloud Service for online Image Tracking
  • Valid for app store publication (e.g. App Store, Google Play)
  • Access to Studio Editor: code-free platform
  • SDK updates included
  • Dedicated technical support via email, tickets, and forum

Add-on Modules

  • Support for smart glasses
  • Support for apps with 1 million installs or more
  • Enterprise apps
  • Multiple apps
  • Studio API
  • Enterprise API script
  • Self hosting
  • Customized service and setup
  • Dedicated technical support via phone
  • Developer training

License terms

This license is a subscription offer with an automatic yearly fee renewal. Prices vary according to enterprise requirements. Contact the Wikitude team for a quote. Benefits are available while license is active.

This package includes dedicated technical support via email, tickets, and forum. Support via phone is available as an add-on.

Please visit the Wikitude legal page for Return Policy details.

By purchasing the Wikitude Enterprise product, you accept the Wikitude terms and conditions.


  • Geo AR
  • Image Tracking
  • Object Tracking
  • Scene Tracking
  • Instant Tracking
  • Cylinder Tracking
  • 3D Model Object Tracking
  • Multiple Object Tracking
  • Multiple Trackers
  • Rendering Engine
  • Studio Editor
  • Cloud Recognition
  • SDK Updates
  • Technical Support
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