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Uni-Bit Studio Inc.

Wikitude Premium Partner – Uni-Bit Studio Inc.

Uni-Bit Studio - Wikitude Partner for Augmented Reality Projects

Uni-Bit Studio is a reliable company that has been developing mobile games, applications, and supplying qualified specialists to Europe, the Middle East, and North America since 2011.

Company Info

Uni-Bit Studio Inc.


+1 (780) 880-53-59

+38 (050) 991-82-71


Company Description

The Uni-Bit approach is a new way of outsourcing development when the only outsource person in the project is the Product owner. However, their project managers work and provide guidance and control to the studio-based teams of experienced developers. Such set up guarantees their customers high quality of the product, effective "in-office" project management, and cost-effective development.

The company specializes in:

  • Mobile, console, and PC Games development
  • Development of VR, AR, MR projects for corporate clients
  • Business & entertainment mobile application development
  • Lease of our developers and artists to clients
  • Professional management of the client software projects
  • Software project management & game design consulting
  • Web development & design

Uni-Bit Studio also has experience in industrial projects, retail, finance, healthcare, entertainment, marketing, education, showcase projects, and work with animations, visual effects, 3D modeling, HTML widgets, server deployment, UI / UX, HTML5 development, QA services, backend development (NodeJS, PHP), game development using Unity3D, HoloLens, and more.