Wikitude Premium Partner – EachScape

EachScape - Wikitude Partner for Augmented Reality Projects

EachScape is a leading rapid development platform that reduces development time by 4x. One single developer can create iOS and Android native apps, hybrid web apps, and websites with the same environment.
EachScape Drag & Drop Studio is a WYSIWYG development tool for multi-target projects. It is fully integrated with a cloud-based CMS to further accelerate development. EachScape offers powerful plugins to deliver even fuller experiences starting with Wikitude.

Wikitude + EachScape empower developers to create native augmented reality apps without having to learn iOS or Android.

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Jack Devente

Company Description

EachScape is a leading development platform used by large media companies (NBC, CBS, Fox, SyFy, ..), global museums and venues (Le Louvre, The Smithsonian, Tate Modern, Vatican Museum,..) and many other prestigious companies looking to stay ahead of the curve while keeping costs in check.

EachScape licenses its state of the art platform to individual developers, small and large corporations. EachScape also offers development services for mobile apps and websites. By using its own platform EachScape delivers cost efficient solutions to clients who don’t have access to in house technical teams.

EachScape & Wikitude
We are very pleased to be working with Wikitude to deliver a seamless experience to developers who don’t want or don’t have the time to build their app twice in iOS and Android.

With the Wikitude Plugin developers can use EachScape drag & drop studio to develop an app which will be generated natively for both iOS and Android saving a tremendous amount of time and money.