RealityBLU is the leading marketer’s Creation Engine of augmented reality.

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RealityBLU - Wikitude Partner for Augmented Reality Projects

RealityBLU is the leading marketer’s Creation Engine of augmented reality.

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635 3rd Street
Beloit, WI 53511

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+1 815.262.7279

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The RealityBLU Creation Engine empowers businesses, marketers, and creatives to effortlessly design, deploy, manage and measure AR experiences and effective campaigns.

Our platform is amazingly simple to use, yet still offers designers sophisticated tools and features that allow for robust design options. Our users appreciate RealityBLU’s drag-and-drop functionality that makes the creation of marker-based or markerless scenes efficient and easy. WebAR, for web-based deployment and consumer acquisition, or AppAR, utilizing an SDK for building customer loyalty, are both options for scene interaction with the end-user.

Portals, geolocation, sub-layering, and lock-screen editing are distinctive features of our software. RealityBLU’s proprietary product suite eliminates the need for a developer or coder to produce AR scenes and allows for immediate publishing and measurement. Experiences designed via RealityBLU can be offered via the RealityBLU app, integrated via SDK into other apps, or via white-label AR apps.  

The RealityBLU Team is internationally accessible to support and strategize with visual and graphic design, video creation, and additional integration services.