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realityBLU - Wikitude Partner for Augmented Reality Projects

realityBLU provides a zero-programming platform to effortlessly create Augmented Reality with a purpose, empowering businesses to enhance and measure third-party interactions with sophisticated AR experiences designed to drive significant business growth.

Company Info


635 3rd Street
Beloit, WI 53511, USA

+1 815.262.7279

Company Description

At the heart of their offerings is the BLUairspace AR platform, empowering marketers and creatives to effortlessly design, develop, deploy, and measure AR experiences and campaigns. 

Among the core features are marker-based and marker-less AR, webAR, location-based/time-based experiences/campaigns, in-AR calls to action (chat, call, text, email, purchase, social sharing, etc.), and personalization.

Experiences/campaigns created and managed via the flexible, intuitive, zero- programming BLUairspace® platform, can be offered via the realityBLU app, integrated via SDK into other apps, or via white-label AR apps. 

With an extended, international team of teams, realityBLU provides additional services, such as visual and graphics design, video design and creation, as well as additional integration services.

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