Wikitude Premium Partner – BoemanFX BV

BoemanFX - Wikitude Partner for Augmented Reality Projects

BoemanFX's core is character creation, building games, apps and loyalty solutions, specifically designed according to your company’s needs. As a gamification company, it's focused on creating game-based software solutions that make campaigns stand out and be more effective. This translates to a higher loyalty rate by creating rewarding memorable digital experiences.

Company Info

BoemanFX BV

Mariastraat 18E
1404 HN, Bussum
The Netherlands

Company Phone
+31(0)35 53 38 358

Company Email

Company Description

A selection of the skills the company mastered to perfection is growing with the continuously changing digital landscape and its requests.

Game Development
Concept Design, UI & UX, mechanics

Character Creation & Animation
2D & 3D multipurpose content

Cross-platform software solutions

Visual effects (VFX)
Creating impossible movie footage

AR/VR Solutions
From ARCore and ARKit to solutions for older devices

Point Cloud
Create a new world of data points in 3d

Layered AR/VR in real spaces
Expand your customer experience with an AR overlay

Sound Design
In-house music and sound effects

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