Multiple Trackers Augmented Reality

Multiple Trackers Augmented Reality

AR SDK with combined trackers

Combine AR experiences based on multiple trackers

Wikitude Multiple Trackers

Combine multiple AR features simultaneously.

Build advanced AR experiences by mixing multiple targets. With Wikitude Multiple Trackers developers can track and augment physical objects, images and environments to build immersive augmented reality experiences. This feature allows AR overlays of 3D models, buttons, videos, animations and more, on top of all targets. It is also possible to make the digital augmentations interact with each other.

Multiple Trackers is the ideal AR feature for enterprise solutions, interactive toys, product enhacement, and more.

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Use Cases

Multiple Trackers AR Use Cases

  • Immersive augmented reality play

    Immersive Play

    Build engaging games by combining toys, playing cards and the customer’s environment with the power of augmented reality. Wikitude’s multi-trackers feature allows you to track 2D and 3D targets, as well as environments to display virtual creatures, game instructions, buttons and other interactive content simultaniously. Bring augmented play to the next level with AR.

  • augmented reality remote assistance

    Remote Support

    Enterprises are turning augmented reality to remotely support workers on factories, connecting them to experts from afar. Multiple Trackers allows workers to scan machines, manuals, identification tags and industrial environments in a single AR experience, layering digital content for instructions, maintenance and repair.

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