The Wikitude SDK 5.3 is ready: support for iOS 10, Android 7 and new features


Just a few days after the launch of Android 7 and anticipating Apple’s iOS 10 release, the Wikitude SDK 5.3 is ready for download!
This update includes compatibility for both operating systems, fix for reported issues and new features!

The SDK 5.3 will be available for Wikitude SDK JavaScript API, Native API and all extensions including Unity. Unity developers get an extra treat we’re excited to share with you!

What’s new?

  • Compatibility with Android 7.0 and iOS 10: so you can have your Android and iOS apps running smoothly in both OSs.
  • Fix for potential problems on IPv6/NAT64 networks on iOS: back in May, Apple announced the transition to IPv6-only network services. Our update enables all apps powered by Wikitude to comply with this requirement. 
  • Fully compliant with App Transport Security (ATS) guidelines: by the end of this year, Apple will require network connections to be secured through HTTPS for any submitted iOS app (ATS). We’ve gone one step ahead and already adapted our SDK for this upcoming requirement.
  • Input Plugins now available for Unity

This new feature was introduced in our SDK 5.2 for the Native and JavaScript APIs, and now it’s also available for Unity. It allows developers to feed the Wikitude SDK with their own input images and manage the camera stream on their own, making the SDK more flexible where it receives camera images from. All details from this feature can be seen in our documentation.
Furthermore you now can also set and choose the server endpoint for Cloud Recognition directly in the Unity Editor.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 4.08.30 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 4.08.41 PM

  • New in SDK 5.3 feature: introducing Positionables

Positionables is a new piece in the SDK 5.3 and part of our Plugins API feature. It allows you to feed the SDK with information provided by a plugin and use augmentations from Wikitude’s JavaScript API.

For example, if you are using a third party library, such as a face detection plugin, you can detect one’s face and place any AR content from the Wikitude SDK directly on it! The same goes for any third-party library, such as Barcode readers, QR code scanners, OCR and more!

You can try this new feature in the Wikitude sample app under the name “marker tracking”. You can get this and other targets images used in our sample here. This feature is currently available in the JavaScript API, but not yet for the Wikitude extensions. You can check the full release notes in our documentation section.

Upgrade: the upgrade for SDK 5.3 is free for all existing SDK 5.x customers with any license type.

This is the last release for our SDK 5 series, which means you can get really excited for what’s coming next!

Download SDK 5.3

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