May 29, 2018

From solo to social: Wikitude changes the way we consume digital information

Track, save and share: Wikitude’s latest platform update will transform Augmented Reality

SANTA CLARA – May 31, 2018 – Augmented Reality has the power to connect us. But so far, it’s been a lonely ride: most AR experiences were limited to one person in the “here and now”. The 8th version of Wikitude’s award-winning Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) takes the next step towards more social, persistent, and accurate AR experiences. SDK 8 overcomes all known limitations of time and space across platforms and devices with three new features: Scene Recognition, Instant Targets, and Extended Object Recognition. SDK ∞ is opening endless opportunities for us all and can already be downloaded today.

New AR dynamic: track, save and share

SDK 8 introduces ‘Scene Recognition, a feature long-awaited by the augmented reality market. It understands the real world as good as it gets. Wikitude’s new feature can easily recognize and track not only small objects but also rooms, buildings, landscapes, industrial sites, complex machinery, and large-scale objects. Also: It localizes the user in a highly precise manner. Much more than GPS does. Extended Object Tracking enables augmentations to persist during the AR experience even after the initial trigger marker is out of the camera view. So even though you might move away from an object or even leave a situation entirely, you can continue the AR experience on the go. With Instant Targets Wikitude is breaking totally new ground: For the first time, AR experiences can be persistently accessed by multiple users across devices and operating systems (iOS, Android, and UWP). This means you will be able to save AR experiences and share them with others – not just the video or the screenshot of them, but the entire augmentation set. Furthermore, Instant Targets introduces the ability to expand Augmented Reality experiences on the fly. SDK 8 is a further step towards Wikitude’s vision of micro AR Clouds, the place where all digital data will be stored and shared within a group of friends or within the restricted environment of an enterprise cloud. Watch these features in action on the Wikitude SDK 8 release video. Additional SDK 8 features include support for Windows (UWP), Unity live preview, and a new computer vision engine resulting in significant stability and performance improvements. For details visit Wikitude’s release notes.

From Solo to Social: SDK 8 will be a game-changer

Wikitude CEO Martin Herdina believes this new set of features is a game-changer for the AR industry: “So far AR has been a solo experience. This is our entry point to transform it into a collaborative one. Moving forward, I am sure there will be a fundamental shift in how we consume information, communicate with each other, and collaborate.”

Wikitude 10-year-anniversary: SDK free for startups

With over 1 billion app installs and as one of the fastest-growing AR ecosystems, Wikitude is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by adding a free Startup Product to its offering. “Wikitude is committed to making AR more accessible to companies in the early stages. Providing free access to our top-notch tech is the best way to celebrate Wikitude’s 10-year mark”, says Paula Monteiro, Marketing Director. The beta version of SDK 8 is available for download starting today. Licences purchased from 31.05.2018 onwards receive a free upgrade to SDK 8.

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