SDK StartUp

Wikitude startup campaign

Wikitude SDK StartUp allows eligible startups and independent developers to create high-performing location-based, marker-based, and markerless AR experiences at an early and crucial stage in business.

This free license allows qualifying Wikitude SDK StartUp customers to attach digital augmentations to 2D images, 3D objects & scenes, geographical point of interest, and directly onto physical surfaces.

Main Features

  • Wikitude SDK: Object Tracking, Scene Tracking, Instant Tracking, SMART Tracking, Image Tracking, and Geo-AR
  • Support for extensions: Unity, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Flutter
  • 1 App (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Valid for app store publication (e.g. App Store, Google Play)
  • Access to Studio Editor: code-free platform
  • Input Plugin feature not included
  • Contains Wikitude logo in lower-left corner
  • Forum-based technical support

  • Candidates that fulfill the startup criteria may submit an application (add to cart). Those approved in the selection process are entitled to one SDK StartUp license.

    StartUp Application Criteria*
    • Annual gross revenues not exceeding €100,000 (one hundred thousand Euro)
    • Has not received funds exceeding €100,000 (one hundred thousand Euro) in the last financial year
    • Company founded less than 2 years ago (counting from the date of StartUp SDK submission)
    • All shareholders are natural persons

    *If the StartUp license is for a customer project, please note the criteria apply to the customer.

    For more information, please access the Wikitude StartUp Product FAQ section.

License terms and observations

This license is a one-time offer. It does not include SDK updates.
For SDK updates, please select the subscription product.

This package includes forum-based technical support only.
It does not include dedicated technical support via email/tickets/phone.
For dedicated support, please select the Enterprise package.

This license is not for testing purposes. For testing purposes, please download a free Wikitude SDK trial key.

This license is not for academic purposes. For academic purposes, please review the Wikitude Academy Program.

Please note, applications with 1 million installs or more, smart glasses, and private enterprise apps fall into the Enterprise license category.

• Wikitude reserves the right to revoke access to the StartUp product, at any given time, should it be revealed that a submission did not respect the conditions of this license.

SDK StartUp

  • Geo AR
  • Image Tracking
  • Object Tracking
  • Scene Tracking
  • Instant Tracking
  • Rendering Engine
  • Studio Editor
  • Wikitude Logo