We humans see the world in 3D – now Wikitude does, too.

Andy Gstoll

This week is very exciting as the Augmented World Expo will open its doors to “everything AR”. The event in Santa Clara, California, is definitely the most important gathering of the year for us, which is why we have chosen to share more details of our SDK product roadmap with you today.

3D computer vision coming in September

In addition to our already announced and feature packed Wikitude SDK 5.0 a couple of weeks ago, we are announcing today that we will add 3D recognition and tracking capabilities to our SDK package in September. To make the waiting a bit more pleasant, we have produced this video to show you our focus on rooms, spaces and environments both indoors and outdoors.


Rooms, Spaces, Environments – Indoor and Outdoor

As stated in my interview with Tom Emrich last month, it is a natural progression for Wikitude to move from 2D image recognition to 3D recognition and tracking of the real world. Our 2D capabilities are very mature and have been perfected to a high degree of performance and reliability, much to the appraisal of our customers building solutions that are based on augmenting 2D surfaces, such as in theScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 17.07.22 advertising and printing industries. But the world is more than 2D surfaces, it consists of 3D spaces, rooms and environments, literally everywhere we look. As the video shows, our technology recognizes, maps and “understands” rooms to for example place digital furniture into it or to navigate through an unknown building. It allows you to create immersive entertainment in outdoor spaces, which has the potential to reinvent game play and the production of mixed reality film. Beyond the consumption of digital content in the real world, Wikitude’s 3D tracking will allow you to create your very own digitally augmented spaces. You can come up with your wildest ideas on how to design the world around you, wether it is visualizing your private house on a plot of land or perhaps a new factory, to give an example for a more enterprised application.

Our focus on technology and technology only

Computer vision is Wikitude’s DNA. Our dedicated team works day and night to build powerfulScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 17.06.40 features for our augmented reality SDK. We do this for developers, visionaries and innovation managers with a dream, project or concept to build valuable apps for consumers, enterprise or both. Our mission is to build technology enabling YOU to “augment the world” so we can all see more than we normally could.

Meet us this week

Are you near San Francisco this week? If you want to learn more about Wikitude’s technology and speak to our team directly, come join us for these two events:

Augmented World Expo from 8-10 June in Santa Clara, our booth number is #70, right at the entrance of the exhibition area.

Sign up to “Learn about Wikitude’s AR SDK and tools” at this meetup in San Francisco on June 10th at 6:30pm.

I am looking forward too seeing you all in California this week, hope you can make it!

Andy Gstoll – Wikitude CMO

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