Augmented Reality Market: 2016 Year in Review


Update: Wikitude at AWE USA 2017- Auggie Awards, talks and more

2016 flew by and we can’t believe how incredible this year was for Wikitude and the augmented reality industry: large investments, new players, new tools, advancements in our SDK and a handful of showcases such as Porsche, IKEA Delft, Media Markt and many others.

We had personalities and tech influencers stressing the fundamental changes AR is bringing to our lives, and how it will become as important as eating three meals a day. 
Not to mention Pokémon Go, which we already declared our love for, that brought Augmented Reality to the masses. 

Literally so much happened that our traditional “year wrap-up” blog post needed a format change. So we saved you from all the reading and prepared a visual infographic that is quick to read and easy to share, highlighting all the most important AR milestones of 2016.

visual infographic showing the main events in AR in 2016 starting from Investments in VR and ar of nearly $700 up to ODG raising $58 million
We hope you guys enjoy it and take some time to recharge the batteries because an exciting year is ahead! 

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Happy 2017 from the Wikitude team!

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