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SDK 9.7: Explore the improved Expert Edition for Unity

Wikitude developers can benefit from Unity 2020.3 LTS support for both Professional and Expert SDK Editions and further improvements. 

SDK 9.7 introduces several upgrades for our Unity developers, starting with support for Unity 2020.3. This ensures your augmented reality experiences will run as expected with the latest version of Unity. 

In addition, Wikitude SDK Expert Edition got better and faster with this release, including the following highlights:

The latest Object Tracking update delivers:

  • Improved performance of Object Tracking from 3D models in Unity Editor on Windows
  • Unity Editor now shows a warning in case particle effects are disabled
  • Alignment Initializer with significant improvement on jitter (see video below)

3D model object tracking

Object tracking also gets an upgrade on Wikitude SDK 9.7. 

Thanks to the feedback of our beta testers, we’ve enhanced our 3D model-based tracking to support low-texture objects including vehicles, industrial machinery, and more.

A new visualization of 3D model information directly in the Unity Editor comes to facilitate the workflow for developers working with Wikitude’s Object Tracking. 

How do I get SDK 9.7?

It’s easy! Just choose your Unity SDK of choice (Professional or Expert Edition), get a free trial, and start with your next augmented reality experience today.

Curious what’s the difference between Professional and Expert? Learn more.

New to Wikitude? Welcome! We have a free Wikitude trial version for testing purposes. 

If you’re already a user and like what you’re testing, reach out to our team to discuss your upgrade to SDK 9.7.

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