AR transforms Walmart into Marvel’s Black Panther Wakanda


AR transforms Walmart into Marvel’s Black Panther Wakanda

Marvel Comics and Walmart partnered up to create a Black Panther augmented reality experience. The AR app, created by Current Studios and powered by Wikitude AR technology, is turning mobile phones into portals of exclusive Marvel Black Panther content.

By Current Studios Inc.

Wikitude provides the foundation for our AR tech to come to life, with an almost immediate responsiveness for users to go from launching an app to exploring Wakanda at Walmart.
Stephen Martell, VP Creative Technology | Current Studios

Marvel Comics Black Panther fans have a new reason to head down to their local Walmart. For a chance to access exclusive content, users are downloading the ‘Explore Wakanda’ app to digitally transform Walmart aisles into the fictional Wakanda territory.

The app, created by Current Studios, uses Wikitude SLAM technology to overlay precisely aligned digital augmentations throughout the Walmart interior, making it look like the lands of Wakanda. Stephen Martell, VP Creative Technology at Current Studio, explains why AR was the technology of choice for them: “When it comes to retail, the user experience needs to feel natural. We can’t afford technology getting in the way or requiring explanations”.

The seamless AR experience includes a 3D Black Panther superhero augmentation, however, users can unlock and bring new 3D characters to life by scanning specific displays inside the physical Walmart store.

Additionally, users can use a fun augmented face-tracking Black Panther mask and capture the moment with a photo. The photos can be enhanced with various movie-themed frames which are unlocked when users check out special offers of related products through the product page in the app ( Download the free ‘Explore Wakanda’ app for Android or iOS at the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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