Direct2Artist – Showcase art with AR

Direct2Artist is an innovative app that brings artwork to life with augmented reality. The application allows artists from all over the world to take their entire art portfolio in their pockets thanks to AR. Using Wikitude’s AR SDK art enthusiasts are able to see original artworks, from the artist’s studio, to scale on any wall in just a few clicks.

by Colin Brown

“This application is a game changer for artists and couldn’t have been possible without Wikitude.”
Colin Brown | CEO

As entrepreneurs, artists must find effective ways to manage their small businesses. In our modern world, that means showcasing art both offline and online. To help artists to build their online presence, Direct2Artist has created a full management system. The goal is to give everyone better access to art. What better way to do that than seeing how the works look in your home?

The Direct2Artist app is an innovative augmented reality tool that helps artists from all over the world to bring their artwork to clients wherever they go. Using Wikitude’s image recognition feature, the app allows artists to have their entire body of work with them all the time while giving the client an accurate representation of the work. The goal is to have the independent artist spend 20 minutes a week managing the operations and online marketing of their business, so they can focus on creating more art. The Direct2Artist app is available on iOS and Android.


  • Life size original artworks
  • Colour search technology
  • Ecommerce and logistics support for artists

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Image Recognition
  • Phonegap Plugin

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