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Ribena “Doodle your World” AR app

Ribena has been in the beverage industry for over 75 years. To bring life and user interaction to their ‘doodle bombing’ inspired campaign, Diverse Interactive, powered by Wikitude’s SLAM technology, built the “Doodle your World” app to provide a fun Augmented Reality experience.

By Diverse Interactive

“It was vital that the app experience we built for Ribena worked seamlessly, both in terms of overall stability and specifically for markerless tracking so Wikitude's SLAM technology provided us with the most reliable and solid foundation upon which we could build.”
Chris Elson | Client Development Manager - Diverse Interactive

The creators of cutting-edge apps and AR, VR and MR experiences, Diverse Interactive, built Ribena’s “Doodle your World” app as the focal point of the brand’s biggest ever sampling campaign. The concept behind the app took its creative inspiration from the pop-culture art movement known as ‘doodle bombing’ and combined it with augmented reality technology.

App users are encouraged to create their own doodle-bomb videos using the colorful Ribena character animations to share with friends via message and social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The app experience goes on to reward users by unlocking more character animations from the content they create and share, and by purchasing and scanning any one of the limited edition AR ready “Doodle your world” Ribena drink bottles currently in circulation.

By incorporating Wikitude’s Instant Tracking (SLAM) into their app, Ribena was able to provide the next generation of augmented reality experiences to their customers. Users can see Ribenary characters come to life on their screens anywhere they are. With the app, Ribena fans can also stream augmented reality videos in real time, capture these special moments and share the fun with friends and family.

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