Ice Age 4 - Scrat’s Nut Hunt

Ice Age 4 – Scrat’s Nut Hunt augmented reality app

Developed by Bliss Interactive for 20th Century Fox, the Wikitude powered augmented reality app, Scrat’s Nut Hunt allows users to experience the quest for more acorns themselves. Users in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands can catch virtual nuts in his or her surroundings. Each nut across the region has it’s own unique GPS location, allowing multiple users to collect the same nuts.

by Bliss Interactive

"By utilizing the Wikitude AR framework, most of the burden of the AR challenge is taken care of. This gives Bliss Interactive the freedom to focus on tuning the performance. Together with the seamless cooperation of, and high responsive support from the client, Scrat’s Nut Hunt mobile app was launched successfully and attracted up to 50,000 unique installs within 40 days of the campaign in both iOS and Android market places.”
Kien Doan, Managing Director | Bliss Interactive for 20th Century Fox

Ice Age: Continental Drift, or Ice Age 4 as it’s known internationally has been nothing short of a box office smash hit. As of December 29th 2012, the film has garnered $875,115,339 in global revenues, and has delighted millions of children, adults, and everyone in between, around the world.

Given the commercial success of such a film, the merchandising and post-release promotional materials are seemingly endless. With market saturation, Ice Age 4 sought to make themselves stand out from the crowd. By pushing the boundaries of “expected” and utilizing Wikitude’s SDK, the residents of the Benelux region have been delighted with an augmented reality game featured the beloved Scrat and his insatiable quest for acorns.

Upon launching the title, users are presented with a well-branded and clean augmented reality view. Using location proximity values, players will be able to see a virtual nut if they are within 100 meters of it’s predetermined geographic location. To collect the nuts, users simply shake their mobile device.

Making the title even more interesting and compelling to the end user, Scrat’s Nut Hunt also features real-world prizes that may be won based on the type and amount of nuts a particular user has collected.


  • Game where players can earn real prizes
  • Use AR technology, integrated with GPS location module

Applied Technology

  • Wikitude SDK
  • Architect Engine
  • Image Drawables
  • GeoObjects
  • Radar Element

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