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AR creatures battling in the real world with the Augmentors Game

Augmentors is the world’s first cross-platform (iOS & Android) augmented reality game backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain. Players can trade, swop, battle, and train gaming creatures in the real world. Early stage game supporters will be rewarded with unique currency and one-of-a-kind creatures.

By Augmentors

The Augmentors Game is exciting, engaging and incredibly realistic. I'm excited to see epic battles around the world using Wikitude's SLAM technology. It is a true game changer for augmented reality applications.
Paula Monteiro | Marketing Director | Wikitude

The development of the Augmentors game is getting support from a $1M target crowdfunding campaign. Those who back the cause with contributions are automatically rewarded with Databits (DTB), with Bitcon, the game’s unique currency. Once the crowdfunding and official sales are done, the Databits in circulation will be limited to the quantity that was sold. Players can sell and trade or use DTBs to purchase creatures, relics, and various other game items.

In the beginning of the game, players begin their ‘Destined’ journey by choosing an Augmentor creature to start AR battling against players from across the globe. With time, training and battle victories creatures gain experience, unlock new skin, gain relics, and level up through the different ranks (Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Hero/ Villain & God). Since players are in total control of the Augmentors attacks, spells, relics, and potions used during every battle, each creature is unique and potentially valuable.

As Creature Tamers, players summon their unique creatures into the real world to battle against enemies and foes. To create the awesome augmented reality battles, the game developers chose to work with Wikitude’s powerful SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) feature. Due to Wikitude’s markerless instant tracking technology, players get to see their own creatures in action anywhere in the physical world.

This epic game is planned to be released soon on Google Play Store and the App Store. Those who want to learn more about this cool AR gaming experience can sign up for updates to be posted about pre-release creatures and relics, and when users can officially begin their roles as creature tamers.

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