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First Step - download the Wikitude SDK

Download the Augmented Reality library

To get started with Wikitude, simply download the Wikitude SDK to integrate our technology into your existing app or project. For publishing your content within the Wikitude app, start by downloading ARchitect Tools.

Project Setup

SDK developers can quickly and easily add the Wikitude SDK to their build chain. Web developers can get started right away using their HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript skills.

With the help of our comprehensive step-by-step guides available for each platform, taking your project from zero to hero is a snap. Beside API reference and tutorials the ADE helps you debug your project directly in the browser.

Create your AR experience

Developers who wish to integrate the Wikitude SDK into their app simply create the native components first, and then develop their augmented reality experience using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

At it’s core, your augmented reality world consists of a single HTML page including the Wikitude API. Once the native components are up and running, developers with JavaScript skills can work on the augmented reality experience. Utilizing your custom tool chain for web project, developing for ARchitect feels completely natural.


Now that your creation has been tested and is ready for it’s public debut, it’s time to publish! You have two options: Publish your Wikitude SDK powered standalone app, or release your creation to the Wikitude community.

With more than 10 million global users, the Wikitude app provides the ideal platform to spread your message. Publishing your creation within the Wikitude app is, has been, and will always be free. Commercial licenses are available through the Wikitude SDK. We understand that every project has it’s unique and individual needs. Thus, you’ll find a variety of pricing options, sure to fit every budget.

Find a step-by-step guide for your project here:


Start your augmented reality BlackBerry 10 app with the Wikitude SDK
BB10 Project

Plugins & Extentions

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