Vuzix Augmented Reality SDK

AR for Vuzix M300

Wikitude SDK, optimized for Vuzix M300!

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Wikitude Augmented Reality SDK for Vuzix M300

Creating stunning apps for the Vuzix M300 smart glasses just became a lot easier. The Wikitude SDK optimized for Vuzix M300 smart glasses does all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on creating incredible augmented reality content.

Find out more about use cases, challenges and future potential of AR smart glasses.


  • Includes Geo based AR and Image Recognition based AR
  • Optimized for Vuzix 300
  • Binocular screen support
  • Enables transparent screen background
  • 1:1 camera calibration
Vuzix is very excited to be partnered with Wikitude and we look forward to a long and successful alliance between our companies as we combine forces to make AR a household name among businesses and consumers alike.
Paul Travers | CEO of Vuzix

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