Wikitude Spring Cleaning: 2019 SDK Clean-up

Even If you are not a big fan of spring cleaning (and we get it if you are not), chances are you probably at least acknowledge the benefits associated with a clutter-free environment, containing only intentional, well-kept, meaningful items. More often than not, said environments even tend to stimulate focus, heighten creativity, and increase productivity. ... Read more

Now available: Wikitude SDK 8.3

The Wikitude SDK provides an array of features and extensions that enable developers to create customized AR experiences that perform at the highest level. To ensure that our developer community has continued access to one of the best AR platforms on the market, we are continuously improving the Wikitude SDK. We’ve had great advancements over ... Read more

New Wikitude Studio function: Extension of Object Targets

Regards from us to your 2019 version! Is it a better, healthier, more stable and successful one? We hope so! That’s where Wikitude is heading as well and we already took the first steps of 2019 in this direction. Throughout 2018 we launched several updates, and now we’re bringing you a new feature which is ... Read more

7 Statistics every App developer should know about augmented reality

The concept of augmented reality is not as new as you might think. As a matter of fact, back in 1901 Lyman Frank Baum first mentioned the idea of an electronic display that could overlay data onto real-life objects and named it a ‘character marker’. The maturity and history of augmented reality, however, is a ... Read more