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Wikitude SDK 7 – A developer insight

Wikitude SDK 7 includes a long list of changes and additions to our augmented reality SDK. In this blog post, we will go through the modifications in more detail and what they offer for developers and users. As you will see, SDK 7 has 3 key areas of improvement: Object Recognition and Tracking based on ... Read more

Here comes SDK 6.1

When we launched Wikitude SDK 6 nearly 2 months ago, we were excited to see developers jump onto markerless SLAM tracking and creating fascinating augmented and mixed reality experiences. Today we are proudly releasing an update for SDK 6 with stability updates and a few new features. Check out what’s new: Support for OpenGL ES ... Read more

Performance is everything!

In times that augmented reality experiences must be fast, reliable and breathtaking for users, SDK performance is everything.Since 2008, Wikitude has been building augmented reality technology and tools for developers around the world to help them effortlessly create AR apps and projects. We first started with location-based AR, releasing the world’s first AR app for ... Read more