The new generation of Wikitude Studio: a sneak preview


To finish off an exciting year for augmented reality, Wikitude happily reveals some long-awaited news: a new generation of Wikitude Studio.

Since 2013, when we launched the first version of Studio, users around the globe have created AR experiences with our easy drag-and-drop web tool in just a few clicks. Thousands of projects were created with Studio to bring print media, such as billboards, brochures, packaging, apparel, and more come to life.

As Wikitude’s technology evolves and AR experiences become more and more interactive, we felt it was time to boost up the capabilities of Studio and create the ultimate AR creator for our users. Agencies, developers and AR enthusiasts provided feedback and suggestions to improve Studio, which our team transformed into an extensive “wish list” to make true when the timing was right.

Wikitude Studio sneak preview. Credits: Manor 

So here it is, a first sneak preview of the next generation Studio and its new features:

  • 3D workspace for augmentations: a dynamic and user friendly space to create AR experiences, manage and visualize augmentations.
  • Wikitude Cloud Recognition integration: one of the most popular requests from our users will be implemented in our next Studio. Host and call Studio projects directly from the cloud.
  • Entry point from the Wikitude Target Manager: use a single tool to manage projects and quickly generate wtc-files and publish your AR experiences.
  • Quick-load of projects via QR-code: quickly load a project’s preview with the new “QR code” scanning function.

In addition, you will be able to augment and visualize 3D models, videos, buttons and images while creating great AR experiences for your customers and users!

Sign up now and get a free upgrade for the next generation Studio!

While this project is still in the works by our technical team, you can sign up today for our current version of Wikitude Studio and get a free upgrade to our next generation version upon launch.

We hope you enjoyed this first preview of Studio! Got further wishes? Send them along to 

Wikitude Dev Team

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