December 19, 2018

Product update: Titanium Module

Over six years ago Wikitude launched its Titanium Module for the Wikitude SDK. It enabled Appcelerator developers to easily embed augmented reality into their Titanium project. Since then, hundreds of developers were using Wikitude and Titanium to create and publish their apps. As the AR market evolved, we saw a strong shift in download patterns and a declining demand from Titanium developers over the past year. As we aim to expand our offering to better serve AR developers with a broader range of innovative products, we find it necessary to discontinue our support for Titanium.

What does this mean?

The last updated version of the Module is scheduled for February 2019. Our intent is to provide support for existing subscription customers using Titanium for a limited time in order to ease migration. Wikitude will fix critical issues in the Titanium Module at its discretion until 01.06.2019.

Other development frameworks

Next to the officially maintained extensions like Unity, Cordova or Xamarin, the Wikitude developer community created several extensions in the past weeks like Ionic, React Native or Adobe Flash. We are also investigating to support new development platforms in the future. You can check all supported platforms and details how to get started in our 101 AR series and in our documentation section. We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause and are eager to meet our community’s future product requirements with our award-winning AR SDK. Our team is here to help and clear any questions you might have.

Questions, comments? Let us know!

If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter or send us an email at!

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