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Update (August 2017): Object recognition, multi-target tracking and instant tracking: Track the world with SDK 7

In times that augmented reality experiences must be fast, reliable and breathtaking for users, SDK performance is everything.

Since 2008, Wikitude has been building augmented reality technology and tools for developers around the world to help them effortlessly create AR apps and projects. We first started with location-based AR, releasing the world’s first AR app for mobile, followed by our 2D image recognition and tracking SDK, and since 2015, we have been sharing our efforts on our 3D tracking technology. Wikitude’s know-how and experience is reflected by the more than 20,000 AR app projects out there – powered by Wikitude technology.

So if you are now searching for a cross-platform AR SDK you can rely on, you have come to the right place. In this post we want to show you why we are confident saying Wikitude is the leading AR SDK in the market.

When we talk about performance, several factors are to be considered, some being directly related to the SDK and others related to external factors. These include for example the power of the device used in the AR experience, the quality of the target image, lighting conditions, etc.

When it comes to factors directly related to the AR SDK performance, the following three are among the important ones: speed of recognition, tracking at long distances and tracking at extreme angles.

Enough of words! The following series of videos demonstrate how Wikitude’s augmented reality SDK performs in challenging conditions.

Speed of recognition

Tracking at long distances 

Tracking at extreme angles

Excited to try it for yourself? Here are some handy links to get you started:

Download Wikitude SDK

SDK documentation
Target images used in the video

Feature list page

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