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Now available: Studio – the ultimate code-free AR platform

The new Studio, an improved version of our code-free AR platform, has officially been released! Along with the launch, users can now publish their augmented reality creations on the Wikitude App and on their own app.

Designed with an intuitive interface, our web-based augmented reality content manager is the perfect solution for creating powerful AR experiences in an easy and timely fashion.

Having a special set of programming skills is often perceived as an indispensable requirement in the process of bringing an augmented reality project to life. However, that is not always the case. With the new Studio, anyone can create, manage and deploy AR projects with incredible ease; no code needed!

Features at a glance

  • Intuitive Interface
  • No programming skills needed
  • Drag and drop
  • Web-based: work on your projects from multiple devices and locations
  • Image recognition and tracking
  • Object recognition and tracking
  • Video augmentations
  • 3D model visualization
  • Quick-load of projects via QR-code
  • Monitor projects with Google analytics

Additionally, Studio Editor users now have the option of:

  • Hosting: conveniently store your AR project on a Wikitude server;
  • Publishing: easily publish your AR project in the Wikitude App After creating an AR project on Studio Editor, as of today, the Wikitude App can now be used as the gateway for users to access the AR experience.

How does it work?

Simply log in to our web-based software (no installation required), add your targets of interest (images and/or objects), include the content you wish to augment (3D models, videos, images, interactive buttons, etc.) and publish the AR experience (on your own app or directly on the Wikitude App). As easy as it gets!

For users who already have projects on the previous Studio platform, please refer to the project migration notes. In case of further inquiries, contact studio@wikitude.com for extra support.

Apart from being an augmented reality technology provider, Wikitude is also committed to developing powerful AR creation tools. Have an awesome AR idea and want to put it into action? Access the new Studio to get started and experience an efficient, hassle-free way of creating AR.

Try it out

Questions, comments? Let us know!

If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter or send us an email at hello@wikitude.com!