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Wikitude is among the top 1% rated startups by Early Metrics

Wikitude is among the top 1% rated startups, according to European-based rating agency Early Metrics. As a pioneer in the augmented reality industry, Wikitude was awarded 83 out of 100 points, placing the company in Early Metrics’ prestigious club of five-star startups.Early Metrics’ ratings, which focus on key non-financial metrics, provide an independent assessment of ... Read more

Roomle makes furniture shopping so much more fun

Let’s face it – despite the bright colors, clever Swedish design, and exceedingly happy salespeople, few of us would actually choose to spend their entire Saturday at IKEA. It’s a chore! But good thing for you – we now practically live in Back to the Future, and augmented reality is, in this case, going to ... Read more

Here comes SDK 6.1

When we launched Wikitude SDK 6 nearly 2 months ago, we were excited to see developers jump onto markerless SLAM tracking and creating fascinating augmented and mixed reality experiences. Today we are proudly releasing an update for SDK 6 with stability updates and a few new features. Check out what’s new: Support for OpenGL ES ... Read more

Hey Apple, what’s it gonna be?

Since last year, Wikitude (and probably 100% of the AR industry) has been waiting for Apple’s BIG Augmented reality news. Tim Cook talks about AR in pretty much every interview he gives, Apple has won several AR patents and acquired different companies in the AR and computer vision sector (Metaio, PrimeSense, Flyby Media...). Latest news from UBS say Apple has over 1,000 engineers working on ... Read more