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iOS 9 Support for the Wikitude SDK 5

In the past weeks, our technical team has gotten feedback from developers on different issues related to Apple’s iOS 9 and the Wikitude SDK 5. We have collected all the reported issues, which are currently being tackled by our developers. We are working on a maintenance release for Wikitude SDK 5 to be released in the next ... Read more

Wikitude 3D Tracking (BETA)

With this post we are opening a new chapter on Wikitude’s journey towards augmenting the world! We are happy to share today the first version of the all new Wikitude 3D tracking technology. For our team, augmenting rooms, spaces and objects around us is a natural progress after mastering augmentations on 2D surfaces. Clearly, tracking in 3D is a much ... Read more

Updated Extensions for Wikitude SDK 5

The all new and fresh updates of our extensions for the Wikitude SDK 5 have just been released and are now available for download! You can now use all the benefits from the Wikitude SDK 5 in your Xamarin, Cordova or Titanium-based apps. The Wikitude extensions were updated to use the latest version of the supported mobile ... Read more

New Wikitude Target Manager

We are proud to announce the new Wikitude Target Manager, a project our team has been secretly working on the past months for you! The new target manager will be completely redesigned to minimize the efforts when creating target images and optimize the management of your target collections for the Wikitude SDK. With this easy drag&drop tool, ... Read more