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New Wikitude Target Manager

We are proud to announce the new Wikitude Target Manager, a project our team has been secretly working on the past months for you! The new target manager will be completely redesigned to minimize the efforts when creating target images and optimize the management of your target collections for the Wikitude SDK. With this easy drag&drop tool, ... Read more

Introducing: Wikitude SDK 5

The SDK 5 official release is now available for download! We would like to share the details of our version 5 of the Wikitude SDK with you. We have been working on this release for some time now and consider this our most ambitious release since launching the first version of the Wikitude SDK more ... Read more

SDK 5 BETA live! Unity3D, extended tracking, plugins API

With this BETA version of the SDK 5.0, we are finally delivering on our promise we made a few weeks ago that this release will be BIG. Big because is it absolutely packed with features. Our former Director of Product Management and newly appointed CTO Philipp Nagele likes to summarize it as follows: “The sheer number ... Read more

We AR Lehen – SmARt City Project

“In Order to Make Smart Cities We Need Smart Citizens” In collaboration with wikitude, students from the course of Multimedia Art and Technology, at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, used the Wikitude technology to create a critical/speculative design project that culminated in an AR application and walking tour in the district of Lehen, particularly within the surrounds ... Read more