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Chip optimizations for an even better Wikitude SDK

It’s no secret that augmented reality requires a lot computational power on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. Wikitude’s computer vision algorithms running in the background demand the utmost performance from the device and its internal components, while consumers enjoy the front end AR experiences of the more than 1,000 published apps ... Read more

Wikitude on Wearables and Smart Glasses

Wearable technology is clearly on the forefront of today’s market, and naturally, augmented reality is a perfect companion for this technology. That’s not to say that every wearable technology platform is perfectly suited to augmented reality, but we’re tremendously excited about this new segment, and have been fine tuning our software offerings to best serve ... Read more

Wikitude AR Interoperability going live!

We’re happy to announce that the cross-browser augmented reality interoperability feature that we demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress back in February has been further refined and will be ready for usage by developers everywhere starting Monday, May 26! This interoperability feature is made possible by the OGC Candidate Standard ARML 2.0 that is used ... Read more