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Support for iOS 11 and Android 8: Download SDK 7.1

Never before has an Apple event been so anticipated as this year’s event. Even before its ‘Gold Master’ was released, iOS 11 was already a game-changer. ARKit brought markerless augmented reality to the masses and raised expectations around the new versions of the iPhone (iPhone 8 and iPhone X). Among front facing 3D sensors, camera upgrades, ... Read more

AR and Apple aficionados, behold: iPhone X has finally been unveiled

The wait is over! Apple officially revealed the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X to the world during yesterday’s Apple event. The tenth-anniversary smartphone model is considered to be a revolutionARy addition to the iPhone series and its new features brought excitement to the augmented reality (AR) community.It is well known that in recent years ... Read more

Augmented reality 101: Top AR use-cases

The first part of Wikitude’s Augmented Reality 101 series tackled the basics. After explaining what AR is and going through the most common types of AR technologies, we will now explore how augmented reality is being used in our world TODAY.Before we proceed, let’s make one thing clear: AR is not just about dog face ... Read more

Augmented Reality 101: all about the technology behind ARCore and ARKit

Once again all lights are on AR. Earlier this year Apple brought attention to this technology by launching an augmented reality software development kit for iOS – the ARKit. Following in their footsteps, Google has now traced a similar path by releasing, two days ago, an augmented reality software development kit for Android – the ... Read more