Augmented Reality Market: 2016 Year in Review

2016 flew by and we can’t believe how incredible this year was for Wikitude and the augmented reality industry: large investments, new players, new tools, advancements in our SDK and a handful of showcases such as Porsche, IKEA Delft, Media Markt and many others. We had personalities and tech influencers stressing the fundamental changes AR is bringing to ... Read more

Giveaway result: Augmented Reality will save the planet

We had some pretty impressive submissions for this year’s Wikitude Xmas giveaway – over 100 submissions via email and social media from 18 different countries. We saw it all: a handmade letter to Santa, an artist wanting to augment paintings of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a girl whose mission is to bring AR to Trinidad & Tobago ... Read more

Wikitude Giveaway: Win a Free SDK

Jingles here, jingles thereBug fix everywhereIt’s again that time of the yearCode, code, code, no time for a beerBed would be lovely, soft and deep,but you’ve a deadline that you must keep“Augmented reality is the future, they say”Check out Wikitude, they have an SDKYou asked, it happened, it’s under the treeMaybe it’s your chance to ... Read more

Five reasons Snapchat will succeed where Google failed

So we’ve finally got a wearable technology that 1) everyone wants and 2) doesn’t lead news outlets to make posts about Glassholes. People are lining up in the streets for Snap’s new pop-up store in NYC, or hunting down the hard-to-find pop-up Snapbot vending machines, dispensing them like candy for social-media-crazed fans on a Snap ... Read more