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Unity SDK flash deal: 399€ for Indie Developers

Buy Now — 399 €   It’s been a long ride since 2008 when the world saw the first augmented reality app on mobile. Now, almost 10 years later, AR is finally living its long awaited moment. As pioneers in this industry, Wikitude’s primary mission has been to provide world-class tools that developers can use ... Read more

Top 5 travel apps to enjoy this summer

Summer is upon the Northern Hemisphere and the long warm uplifting days are motivating people to explore the outdoors. Inspired by the great amount of vacation plans murmuring around, Wikitude decided to gather a selection of augmented reality travel apps, ranging from powerful free Wifi finders to detailed park guides, that could potentially take your ... Read more

Wikitude expands its markerless SDK for Mira Prism headset

If you’ve been dreaming of the day you can turn your iPhone into an AR headset, today is your lucky day: Mira Prism does just about that and at a very accessible price point ($99).Powered by Wikitude’s computer vision technology, Mira Prism comes to serve the “mid-tier AR market” allowing users to experience augmented reality ... Read more

Object recognition, multi-target tracking and SLAM: Track the world with SDK 7

Today augmented reality takes a giant step towards tracking the world. We are excited to reveal Wikitude SDK 7, the “all-in-one AR tool-kit” powered with object tracking, instant tracking (SLAM), multiple targets recognition, extended recognition range, and more. SDK 7 includes marker, markerless and location-based augmented reality features in one kit for developers. Wikitude’s CEO, ... Read more