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Wikitude adds Cloud Recognition and upgrades its SDK

At the biggest annual and global industry event, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Wikitude announces the expansion and upgrade of its product portfolio by adding the all new Wikitude Cloud Recognition service and by releasing its latest version of the award winning augmented reality SDK, now in its 4.1. release. Wikitude’s all new Cloud Recognition Bigger projects require ... Read more

Try now, save later: 10% off our new SDK

The Wikitude SDK 4.1 and Wikitude Cloud Recognition will be arriving on Tuesday, March 3rd. Try our SDK this week and claim your 10% discount voucher. Wikitude SDK 4.1 update Available as Wikitude SDK as always, one-time payment for life time of the app Wikitude SDK+ annual subscription including premium support and upgrades (even if you decide ... Read more

The ARML 2.0 standard has been approved – now official!

Back in 2009 when we started with our proprietary ARML 1.0 file format, we had the vision that someday, an open data format for AR would emerge that was accepted and used industry wide. I’m pleased and proud to announce that this day has finally arrived!! ARML 2.0, the AR data format that the ARML ... Read more