Wikitude partners with Atheer to bring AR to “deskless professionals”

At Europe’s largest AR and VR event, Augmented World Expo 2016, Wikitude announced its partnership with Atheer, pioneer of AiR™ (Augmented interactive Reality) computing, designed to enhance the productivity and safety of “deskless professionals”.This is a significant step on Wikitude’s initiative to boost the Internet of Things with powerful augmented reality tools for the industry 4.0. The integration of Wikitude’s ... Read more

Industry 4.0: How Wikitude is powering the Internet of Things

Augmented World Expo Europe, 17th October, 2016Berlin, Germany – If you’re a casual consumer, when you hear about the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), you probably think about turning on the heat in your home using your smartphone. If you’re in the augmented reality (AR) industry, like us, you think a little bit… bigger. If you want ... Read more

How Wikitude and augmented reality are helping the deaf communicate

We know that augmented reality can do some cool stuff – but you can imagine how good we felt when we heard about Markus Streibl, who used Wikitude tech to help deaf kids communicate better by using Augmented Reality. After being granted a Wikitude academic license, Streibl, a Master’s student in Business Informatics in Graz, Austria, and ... Read more

The Wikitude SDK 5.3 is ready: support for iOS 10, Android 7 and new features

Just a few days after the launch of Android 7 and anticipating Apple’s iOS 10 release, the Wikitude SDK 5.3 is ready for download! This update includes compatibility for both operating systems, fix for reported issues and new features! The SDK 5.3 will be available for Wikitude SDK JavaScript API, Native API and all extensions including ... Read more