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The ODG-customised Wikitude SDK is ready to go!

The ODG R7 is one of the most impressive pieces of AR technology on the market right now – and Wikitude’s here to help you easily make incredible apps and content for it. The Wikitude SDK is now fully compatible with and optimized for the R-7 smartglasses and the ODG Reticle ecosystem.   Currently one of the ... Read more

Migrating from Moodstocks: here’s how to keep your app online

As pioneers in the field, Wikitude couldn't be more excited with all the attention (and actual usage) augmented reality has gotten in the past week. In fact, there was an increase of 417% on Google searches for the term "augmented reality" in the past week...

Build the next Pokémon Go with Wikitude’s SDK 5.2

Are you working on building the next Pokémon Go? The new Wikitude SDK 5.2 might make it a whole lot easier! This release introduces a brand new feature: Camera Input API - also known as the “Camera control feature”.