Track, Save and Share: A Developer View on SDK 8

More than 6 years ago in April 2012 the very first version of the Wikitude SDK found its way to our first customers. So now, after XYZ releases in total, what can one expect from the 8th major market version of an augmented reality SDK? In short: a lot. Wikitude SDK 8 represents a change ... Read more

Meet Wikitude at AWE USA 2018

The largest augmented and virtual reality event in the world is just around the corner! Yes, it is almost time for AWE USA 2018. The 3-day Augmented World Expo, held annually in Santa Clara California, will kick off its 9th edition on May 30th and is expected to welcome over 6.000 attendees. This year, AWE ... Read more

Instant Tracking: best practices and tracked environment guidelines

Unlike Image and Object Recognition, which rely on pre-mapped targets to trigger the display of digitally augmented elements, Instant Tracking is markerless. So, instead of requiring a mark, it tracks features of the physical environment itself to overlay AR content. SLAM based Instant Tracking is, therefore, highly dependent on the characteristics of the physical scene ... Read more