Wikitude AR SDK for HoloLens

Wikitude AR SDK for HoloLens

Expand the functionality of your HoloLens solution

Download Wikitude HoloLens SDK

Microsoft HoloLens

Wikitude AR SDK for HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is an immersive, ergonomic, instinctual, and untethered mixed reality headset device that enables valuable hands-free industry-leading solutions.

Work with the Wikitude AR SDK to create personalized HoloLens augmented reality experiences that solve the precise needs of your business operations.

Attach valuable augmented reality functionality to images, objects, barcodes, and QR codes to create efficient hands-free workforce solutions.

Get more out of HoloLens

Broaden the capability of your HoloLens device. Work with the Wikitude SDK to enable:

  • Image/Multiple Image Recognition
    Attach digital content to images and any trackable 2D surface
  • Object Recognition
    Attach digital content to physical Objects
  • Cloud Recognition
    Fast, scalable and reliable online recognition solution for big projects
  • Plugins API (Barcode and QR code samples)
    Attach digital content to basically anything with personalized targets

Industry-leading AR Applications

Wikitude AR + HoloLens =
Personalised Workforce Solutions

Incorporate Wikitude AR technology in HoloLens to optimize: training, quality management, communication, assembly, maintenance, repair, safety, inspections, communication, product identification, and more.

With applications ranging from digitally augmented step-by-step instruction guides to compliance checklists, to product identification, to instant collaboration, many are the proven benefits of hands-free AR:

  • Reduce: human errors, execution time, breakdowns, downtime, cost
  • Increase: productivity, operation speed, fix rates, compliance, profit

Product Version

Wikitude SDK optimized for HoloLens

Optimize business operations by empowering your workforce with augmented reality HoloLens solutions.

Download Wikitude HoloLens SDK

The production version allows developers to create and Wikitude AR experiences for HoloLens. The free trial contains a Wikitude logo and cannot be licensed for commercial products.

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