Who we are

Our employees are our asset – so we want them to be happy

We value team spirit and diversity

Wikitude Jobs: Augmented Reality tech provider - Team Events

Team events are frequent and fun!

We have a talent to find (and keep) talent

Wikitude Jobs: Augmented Reality tech provider - Flexible Time

We offer flexible working time

We strive to bring augmented reality to the next level

We are passionate about our technology

We work with cool things you won’t see in the market for the next years

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Fringe Benefits

About Wikitude Technology

Wikitude GmbH is the world’s leading mobile augmented reality (AR) technology provider for smartphones, tablets and digital eyewear.

World class team & technology

Global developer community

Over 1 billion installs powered by Wikitude

Top-notch AR SDK and Editor

Comprehensive AR network

Wikitude Jobs: Augmented Reality tech provider- testimonial
Working at Wikitude to me means loving to come to work every day. Being surrounded by great and talented colleagues and being able to create such cutting-edge technology is amazing! In addition my tasks are very diversified, so the ‘daily routine’ is anything but boring.
Nicola Radacher | COO

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