License Key

The Wikitude SDK requires a valid license key to be able to run properly. An empty or missing license key will block the augmented reality view from showing any meaningful content. You will see a watermark across the screen with the words License Key Missing.

How to obtain a free trial license

When downloading the Wikitude SDK you will be forwarded to the license generation page, where you can generate a trial license key for your project.

Copy the key into your app, which will unlock the trial mode of the Wikitude SDK. The trial mode of the Wikitude SDK contains the full feature set of the Wikitude SDK for a limited amount of time and will show the Wikitude logo in the corner of the camera view. A commercial key will remove this logo and show a blank camera view.

Each trial license key is valid for every application ID on every operating system. You can use the same trial license key in multiple apps.

Where should I enter the license key

Unity Plugin

There are two ways to set a certain license key for the Wikitude Unity Plugin. On way is to paste the license key into the proper field in the WikitudeCamera prefab.

Another way would be to set the license key via script. It has to be set before the WikitudeCamera component is started. In the sample scenes, this can be done in the sample scene controller script's Awake() method.

private void Awake() {
    FindObjectOfType<WikitudeSDK>().WikitudeLicenseKey = "YOUR_KEY";

Also, please make sure that the Bundle Identifer is correctly set and matches the one used to generate the license key.

When developing for the UWP platform, the Bundle Identifier should be set in the Package Name field of the Publishing Settings tab.