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Wikitude Augmented Reality SDK

Wikitude Augmented Reality SDK

Wikitude's all-in-one augmented reality SDK combines 3D tracking technology (SLAM-based), top-notch image recognition and tracking and geo-location AR for mobile, tablets and smart glasses. Extension for Unity, Cordova, Titanium and Xamarin available.

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Wikitude Cloud Recognition

Wikitude Cloud Recognition

Bigger projects require bigger storage. That’s where Wikitude’s cloud recognition comes in. Wikitude’s Cloud Recognition service allows you to work with thousands of target images hosted in the cloud.

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Wikitude Augmented Reality SDK

Wikitude Studio

The world’s easiest augmented reality tool. Publish your AR project to the Wikitude app or your very own app. With Wikitude Studio, no programming skills are needed. Simply hop on to your web browser, login and create your first AR project in minutes!

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Wikitude Ecosystem

With Wikitude, you’re not just working on an AR app with the world’s leading augmented reality SDK, but joining a dedicated community of augmented reality enthusiasts that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible today.

Registered developers


registered ar developers

Wikitude counts more than 100,000 registered AR developers, all working to bring the future forward, today. Join them on our forums.
AR apps


ar apps

Wikitude is the technology provider for over 20,000 AR based apps. View a few in our showcase area.
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Wikitude has a global reach, with customers in over 180+ countries around the world.
We forecast that AR/VR will hit $108 billion in revenue by 2021, with AR taking the lion’s share at around $83 billion and VR at $25 billion.
Digi-Capital | January, 2017

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