Examples Tutorials

The following examples should give you an overview of the capabilities offered by the Wikitude SDK. Each sample is capable of running without modifications on all supported platforms.

Each of the included examples is structured as following:

  • index.html: entry point for the experience
  • js/*: includes the necessary JavaScript files
  • css/*: css style sheets required
  • assets/*: contains images, 3D models and tracker files

Inside the js/ folder the main JavaScript file is named like the example. (the example Image Recognition has its JavaScript code in the js/clientrecognition.js file). Code which is mentioned in the description of the examples can be found in this file, if not explicitly stated otherwise.

Including the architect.js library

In order to use the Wikitude SDK JavaScript API you need to include Wikitude's JavaScript library called architect.js. You will notice that include in every index.html of the samples provided. The include has to look like the following starting with 5.3. The actual file will be injected by the Wikitude SDK on run-time, so don't worry if you see a 404 - Not found in case you try to download the file. Even if it looks like the Wikitude SDK is loading this file remotely, it will only be replaced locally without any network connection opening up.

<script src=""></script>

Including architect.js prior to Wikitude SDK 5.3

Prior to Wikitude SDK 5.3 the include was differently made and used a custom protocol handler named architect:// - this conflicted with support for ATS (App Transport Security) for iOS. Note, that if you want to comply to ATS you need to use Wikitude SDK 5.3 or later. Please have a look at the corresponding migration guide.

<script src="architect://architect.js"></script>

Samples on GitHub

If you are just interested in browsing through the code of the augmented reality experience you can also find the entire source code of the samples on GitHub