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Each architecture specific .framework within WikitudeSDK.xcframework contains Bitcode information to support App Thinning. Building a .framework with bitcode enabled leads to a larger file size. In case the application that uses the WikitudeSDK.framework does not support bitcode and file size is a problem, bitcode information can be removed using the shell script. This script can either be run from the Terminal application or a Run Script Phase in Xcode. Wikitude recommends to use the Terminal application to not unnecessarily increase build time.

Here is a snippet for the Terminal application. Note that the path to the script and the path to the WikitudeSDK.framework needs to be known.

sh *PATH/TO/THE/WIKITUDE/SDK/PACKAGE*/Tools/Scripts/ -s -p *PATH/TO/THE/WikitudeSDK.framework

Here is a snippet for the Run Script Phase. Simply copy this snippet into the script phase text field: