Camera Controls

The WikitudeCamera also provides APIs to change the settings on the device camera.

Please see the Camera Controls - Changing Camera Settings scene for an example on how to use camera controls.

Camera position

The DevicePosition property enables you to change between the back and front camera of the device.

Focus Mode

The FocusMode property can change the camera focus mode between Locked, which will keep the current focus, Once, which will try to focus the camera only once and Continuous which will constantly adapt the focus of the camera to changes in the view.

Manual Focus

The ManualFocus property allows the focal length to be set at a custom distance when the FocusMode is set to Locked. The property accepts values from 0 to 1, where 0 means focusing the camera as close as possible.

Flash Mode

The FlashMode property allows you to turn on the camera flash.

Zoom Level

The ZoomLevel property changes the zoom level used by the camera. Valid values are between 1.0 and MaxZoomLevel. Be sure tu query the MaxZoomLevel property first. A MaxZoomLevel value of 1.0 indicates that the device doesn't support zooming.

Auto Focus Restriction (iOS only)

The AutoFocusRestriction property let's you restrict the auto focus on the camera to either Near or Far. By default it is not restricted.