The following examples should give you an overview of the capabilities offered by the Wikitude SDK. Each sample is capable of running without modifications on all supported platforms.

The Sample App is a fully functional sample project either for Android or iOS. You can easily import it into Android Studio or Xcode and work from there. The user interface is kept very simple and shows a list to select the sample you are interested.

Examples Application

This section describes the SDKExamples application in detail and highlights the main features and use-cases of the Wikitude SDK.

Please note that the Xcode projects deployment target is set to iOS 8 and the application has to be deployed to a actual iOS device and not the simulator.


The Native Examples application is structured as a table view where each cell launches an individual example, describing a specific feature of the SDK.

The application uses an UINavigationViewController and pushes each example with a dedicated view controller who implements a complete use case. All view controller are grouped together in the Controller group. Example specific assets are locates in the Assets group. Rendering related classes that are used by multiple examples can be found in CoreServices and Views.


To run the application, open the Xcode project and click Run.