Examples & Tutorials

The Wikitude Unity HoloLens example project gives you a quick overview of the capabilities offered by the Wikitude Native SDK in combination with Unity on HoloLens devices. You can find the project in the Wikitude Unity download package. Once the .zip file is extracted, the project is located in the /Examples folder. In the Assets/Wikitude/Samples/Scenes folder you will find scenes focused on specific parts of the SDK. The examples are also included in the Unity package located in the /Package folder.


Each example focuses on a part of the SDK specified by its name. Each example follows a similar structure. They all include the WikitudeCamera prefab, a UI root GameObject and a Controller GameObject with a corresponding script used to provide the custom behaviour for each sample. Most samples also include an ImageTracker, CloudTracker or an ObjectTracker prefab, while some create them during runtime.


To run the application, open the Unity scene called Main Menu which is located in the Assets/Scenes folder. Once the project is loaded, it needs to be exported as a Visual Studio project.

Please see the Setup Guide page for more info on the build steps required.