Wikitude SDK API Reference

API Docs for: 9.12.0

ARchitectObject Class

Module: AR

ARchitectObject is the base class for each object created through the ARchitect.

Whenever an object is created, the developer needs to make sure it is properly released to free the memory occupied by the object.

To free the memory, an object's destroy() method needs to be called. This will undefine all properties of the object and will unlink it from the AR scene. A once destroyed object can never again be viewed in the AR scene.

Destruction of an object will cause three things:

  • All properties (except the destroyed property) and methods of the object will be deleted (undefined).
  • The destroyed property will be set to true.
  • The object will be removed from the AR scene.

An ARchitectObject is a superclass for other classes and must not be directly instantiated by the developer.

Item Index






Destroys the object.




Indicates if the object has already been destroyed.